Comenius Project




Discover the amazing diversity:
National Parks

In less than fourdecades, humankind destroyed more than half of the natural areas and most of the species living for thousands of years, lost forever. Human population growth, local or global effects of air pollution, water scarcity and water pollution, changes in the land, desertification, deforestation enforce wildlife to special restricted areas. Now, we try to protect unique, endangered plant and animal species by means of rules at these kind of restricted areas, natural parks.

Are we aware of  fascinating treasures, that is near to us, Natural Parks? Have we ever see a unique part of this treasure, an endemic specie? Do we know how rich we are, the number of endemic species in a natural park? Have we ever think about run out of our treasure, sustainability of natural parks?

This project is designed for taking attention of pupils, teachers, people around us, local and national media to the national parks. During the project pupils collect information about different aspects of natural parks, exchange information with partner countries’ students, and introduce their people with natural parks, that are near and far away by means of variety of instruments.