Protected Area

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  • Park Authority: Rezerwat przyrody Gagaty Soltykowskie
  • Area:  13.33 hectares
  • Provinces: swietokrzyskie wojewodship
  • Established in: 1997


Gagaty Soltykowskie Reservior is located between two towns Konskie and Skarzysko in a small village -Soltykow. It covers the area of 13.33 hectares.


The signs of dinosaurs feet were discovered here. There are many interesting kindes of minerals here. Among them you can find many forms of siderit and one of a few sources of gagats in Poland. Gagat (also called the black amber ) is the form of coal. It is black and it can be polished and shaped easily and due to this fact it is used in jewelery. The name "gagats" comes from Gagae- the place in ancient Licia, where it had been mined first. The mineral become very famous in the barock. It looks great in silver. The gagat is also very important item for the Polish history. After the fights in January 1863 Polish women wore only black clothes as the sign of the mourn, they also wore the jewelery made from gagat only. 

During the mining of gagat the signs of dinosaurs were found here. It was in the early 90s and it was one of the biggest discoveries of this type in the world. In the park the signs of Zauropod were discovered too. The discoveries are exhibited in Warsaw's Geology  Museum. 

The aim of protection is to save the jura rocks and interesting minerals.